Portsmouth Sports Injury Claims

If you have been injured while taking part in a sports activity then you could be entitled to compensation. Serious accidents can occur during physical sports such as football or rugby, these injuries can include broken bones or being knocked unconscious. You should always seek medical attention at the time of the accident and record as much information about the accident as possible so if you decide to try and make a claim at a later date. Because these types of sports do involve a large amount of physical contact it can be harder to make a claim, especially if the tackle was legal. However if the injury sustained has meant the end to a career and it was deemed illegal you could be successful in claiming compensation.

Gym Injuries

Sports injuries can also happen due to faulty machinery or equipment at a gym, if this does happen then you could be within your rights to make a compensation claim. If exercise equipment has failed then the gym could be held responsible for due negligence and you would be well within your rights to make a compensation claim.

You should always try and record as many details as possible after an accident, this will help solicitors dealing with your case:

  • Report the accident to a member of staff
  • Record the details of any witnesses present
  • Take photographs (you can use your mobile phone for this)
  • Write down dates, times and addresses

Types of Sports Injuries:

  • Illegal tackles made during a football or rugby game resulting in injury
  • Poorly maintained playing surfaces & equipment
  • Violent conduct during a game

Receiving Compensation for a Sports Injury

These sports injury claims may include broken bones, head injuries, fractures and torn ligaments etc. However, in all these cases, for a claim to stand any chance, there has to be proof of negligence on behalf of the players, the manager/coach, the referee, the game organizers or the owner of the stadium or grounds. If injuries are to occur, for either players or spectators, due to the above mentioned factors compensation is warranted.

Start Your Sports Injury Claim

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