Portsmouth Injury Claims – Tips for avoiding bicycle accidents

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personal injury claims portsmouth - bicycle road traffic accident

If you have ever been hit by a car when cycling on your bike remember you could make a personal injury claim, especially if the accident happened in the last 3 years. Drivers should also be extra aware of cyclists, follow Portsmouth Personal Injury Claims top tips to help reduce the bicycle accidents on Hampshire roads:

1. Give cyclists room

Please give people on bikes plenty of space. One tip is to think of how much space you’d give a horse in the New Forest when overtaking – about 1.5m.

2. Understand cyclist road positioning

Cyclists are advised to ride away from the kerb, a ‘door’s width’ from parked cars and centrally through narrow points. This means cyclists will sometimes ride in the middle of the lane so they can be seen. They are not trying to annoy drivers.

3. Be patient

While many riders can keep up with the flow of traffic, please be patient with the less speedy and wait behind them.

4. Overtake considerately

Give cyclists room when overtaking, and don’t be tempted to ‘squeeze’ past as cyclists may need to swerve to avoid a hazard. Anticipate what is happening ahead of you – when approaching a junction or a narrow bit of road, consider just hanging back.

5. Look out when turning left

Watch out for cyclists undertaking and going straight ahead at a junction as you turn left. Look down the nearside and be aware of your blind spots. Let people on bikes on your inside go ahead. You may need to be patient.

6. Watch your door

Take a second look before getting out of your vehicle for riders passing by. Many inexperienced people ride close to parked cars.

7. Cut down on tooting

A blast of the horn directed at a cyclist is extremely loud and may unbalance some riders. Be considerate when tooting and only sound the horn (in line with the Highway Code) to warn of danger.

8. Give cyclists swerving room

Cyclists often need to swerve to avoid potholes, glass, oil, etc. These road obstacles are sometimes not apparent to drivers.

9. Cyclists don’t have to use bike lanes

Riders may be more visible out of bike lane riding with the flow of traffic (for example, where the cycle lane is positioned too close to the mouth of a junction). Cyclists may move out of a bike lane to pass slower riders, or may not want to use shared paths to give more room for pedestrians.

10. Understand cyclists better

The best way to know more about how to share the road with cyclists is to have a go on a bicycle. If you haven’t ridden for a while why not get a cycle lesson?

Personal Injury & Accident Claims – Road Accidents

If you are involved in a road traffic accident remember to take as many details from the driver as possible. This includes their name, address and phone number also their car registration number which will help police with their enquiries if required. You can also take photographs of the scene and any damages which may have occurred. If there were witnesses at the scene you should also take their details if they are happy to be used as a witness after the road accident. All of this information will help your compensation claim.

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